Why iTech Solutions?

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Unmatched customer service—we complete every project on time and provide ongoing support.

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Customized solutions and professional implementation.

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User-friendly turn-key systems built with top-notch equipment.

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Cost-effective solutions which incorporate existing infrastructure.

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    Which is the best AV company in Houston?

    The best AV company is the one you’re most comfortable will deliver the right, customized solution. Look for a company who cares enough to be there when you need them the most, who provides ongoing support, and who is committed to the avoidance of over-engineering which might inflate costs.

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    What are the services provided by an AV company?

    AV companies provide multiple services, including:

    • Video Conferencing
    • Digital Signage
    • Video Walls
    • Networking
    • Audio and Visual Conferencing
    • Projection Systems
    • Interactive Displays
    • Streaming Media
    • Structure Cabling
    • VoIP
    • Live Sound
    • Sound Masking
    • …And many more!

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    What are the benefits of hiring an AV company in Houston?

    The main benefit is to get local, certified, professional designers on your project. You want people who will integrate a customized solution that fits all your needs. In addition, you want someone close by who will be able to service your equipment at need. Servicing AV equipment is best left to professional technicians and engineers, so you want to know they’ll be there when you need them.

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    Why do you need a project manager for an AV installation?

    AV installation isn’t as simple as setting up a camera and a monitor. Depending on the size of the project and the needs of a company it can be a huge multi-step process which requires the utmost professionalism and time to complete correctly. It often requires the coordination of general contractors, building management, end-users and a full AV team. Thus, professional project management is key to making sure all the steps of the process are completed correctly.

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Suite 150, Houston TX 77032


  • They’re always there to help.
    I love the service and the peace of mind.

    I haven’t needed too many visits from iTech’s service team, but when I have needed them they’ve been right there. I feel great knowing the system I’ve invested in will continue to run smoothly and be supported into the future.

    Fred B.
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  • They really listened to everything I had to say.
    I told them what I needed and they made it happen.

    I talked to many other companies before I decided on iTech Solutions. Most of them just seemed to want to throw their favorite equipment at me. iTech showed me why we were taking each step and took the time to really design something just for my company.

    Sarah C.
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