Why iTech Solutions?

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Unmatched customer service—we complete every project on time and provide ongoing support.

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Customized solutions and professional implementation.

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User-friendly turn-key systems built with top-notch equipment.

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Cost-effective solutions which incorporate existing infrastructure.

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    What to look for in AV companies near me?

    Look for a reputable company that provides a solutions based on your needs and not on your budget. It is very common to over sell a solution for profit purposes, so find a company that really cares about what you are trying to achieve and not how much they want you to spend. Also, finding a company that can design, install, program, and service all your equipment is always the safest route. AV can get very intricate at times, and having a real turn-key solutions provider will save you many headaches and money at the end of the day.

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    When should you contact AV companies?

    You should contact your AV company whenever you need to increase efficiency or facilitate communication with peers, customers, co-workers and offices around the world by integrating technology such as video conferencing systems. You should also contact your AV company if your equipment malfunctions, or if you want to ask about equipment updates.

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    How are we different from other AV companies?

    We offer a personal, one-on-one relationship to every one of our customers. Anyone can compete on the basis of price, but only a few care enough to create a relationship and make it last, or ensure it makes financial sense in the long term.

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    Does your AV company offer equipment training?

    Yes! We want our customers to make the most of their systems, and that means understanding all the ins and outs of making it perform. We can either train the user or train the trainer. We also come to you! We don’t give you generic training. We teach you exactly what to do on your own newly installed system.

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1416 North Sam Houston Parkway East,
Suite 150, Houston TX 77032


  • My new system is so easy to use!
    The equipment is intuitive, even fun.

    I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to use my classroom’s AV equipment. But iTech taught us exactly what to do, and it was all easier than I could have imagined.

    George S.
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  • I trust them with every project we do.
    iTech keeps our offices talking to each other.

    We’ve opened several offices across Texas now, and it’s important for all of them to be able to collaborate. The systems iTech design allow for crystal-clear communication. It’s like all our employees are literally standing in a room together, and our equipment never fails us.

    John M.
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