Why iTech Solutions?

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Unmatched customer service—we complete every project on time and provide ongoing support.

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Customized solutions and professional implementation.

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User-friendly turn-key systems built with top-notch equipment.

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Cost-effective solutions which incorporate existing infrastructure.

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    What is AV?

    Audio visual is the art of using technology to help people communicate via audio and video. AV has a broad range of applications. You can meet with colleagues half a world away and feel like they’re standing directly in front of you with the help of video conferencing. You can launch a virtual classroom which allows you to teach students in a dozen states.

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    What type of businesses need audio visual services?

    AV serves many businesses across many verticals. The education, healthcare and government sector uses AV to incredible advantage, as do many corporate offices around the world.

    Many companies turn to AV to meet global efficiency goals. Most businesses today rely on technology to enhance productivity, and when implemented properly AV solutions can make all the difference, offering a competitive advantage. In fact, almost every kind of business can benefit from adopting AV technologies.

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    What is the cost of audio visual equipment?

    Many people have misconceptions about the cost of audio visual equipment. Price ranges can be severely impacted by differences in quality, the features chosen, and user-friendliness. AV equipment can get pricey, but most of the time an affordable solution can be found.

    Working with expert AV consultants can offer a real benefit when it comes to designing an AV system that effectively meets a customer’s technological needs and budget.

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    How long will it take to launch my AV project?

    iTech fields a full team of project managers, technicians and programmers who are experts when it comes to getting AV packages up and running quickly. We do offer expedited project times. Every project is different, but you’ll also be kept in the loop when it comes to timelines and deadlines. You won’t be left guessing, and you won’t have to wait months to get your project underway.

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  • Incredible video-conferencing solutions.
    Worked hard to save me money.

    I had originally priced out a far more expensive set-up for connecting two branches of our law firm, located in different cities. iTech gave me the same capabilities for about half the price with a little bit of intelligent design.

    Jimmy N.
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  • With me every step of the way.
    They’re there whenever I need support.

    I had trouble with my equipment exactly once and the support team got me through it. iTech really cares about its customers.

    Michael C.
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