Why iTech Solutions?

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Unmatched customer service—we complete every project on time and provide ongoing support.

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Customized solutions and professional implementation.

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User-friendly turn-key systems built with top-notch equipment.

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Cost-effective solutions which incorporate existing infrastructure.

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    What are corporate audio visual services?

    Corporate AV services are solutions provided for companies in the corporate realm. We help enhance:

    • Conference rooms
    • Board rooms
    • Huddle rooms
    • Digital signage
    • Projection systems
    • Wireless presentation equipment
    • Interactive displays

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    When do you need corporate audio visual services?

    You need corporate audio visual services when:

    • Communication and distance is an issue. For example, when your company has separate branches, or serves clients from around the world.
    • When the size of the space requires enhancement.
    • When presentations need to be larger and easier to read to achieve accurate results.
    • When customer experiences need to be improved.

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    Why hire us for corporate audio visual services?

    You should hire us because we truly understand the AV needs of the corporate realm, and can provide turn-key solutions that will ease the transition from the old technology to the new technology.

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    How can corporate AV help us cut costs?

    Corporate AV is often a good investment. For example, many companies are currently paying to fly employees around the world to meet with clients or to conduct meetings. A good AV set-up can reduce or eliminate the need for travel, paying for itself in a very short period of time.

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  • Our conference room is better than ever!
    Our AV solution allows us to create crisp, concise, and dynamic

    I run a marketing firm. Being able to bring the excitement and really help our clients immerse themselves in our creative direction is paramount. I love bringing them into our conference room, turning on our sleek AV equipment and showing them what we can do. I also love that iTech “got” what I needed immediately, and made it happen with a minimum of fuss.

    Harry D.
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  • The most professional AV company I’ve ever dealt with.
    They are the best, hands down.

    I’m responsible for opening new branch offices around the world, so I’ve dealt with many AV companies. My experience with iTech Solutions has by far been the best, and has become the standard by which I judge other contractors. They've also made me aware of companies who try to inflate prices to make a few extra bucks. I'd use them for every last project if I could.

    Molly C.
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